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Let’s face it; growing your customer base is hard!  We’re making it easier.

Over the years, we have refined our system for helping you acquire more customers.  Our approach is simple but not easy:

(Customer Data + Business Insights + Winning Strategy) X Ruthless Execution = Growth

100% growth in revenue over a two year period for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Firm in Lagos. We also assisted the company raise SME funding from a bank at single digit interest rate per annum.

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The data doesn’t lie, that’s why we leverage it to understand your customers, understand your business and come up with a winning strategy that will deliver your business goals.

It gets better!

We then help you through the execution process while providing you with the right business support for you to grow.

“70% of strategic failure is due to poor execution…it’s rarely for lack of smarts or vision”

[Ram Charan, Execution: The Art of Getting Things Done]

45% growth in revenue within 6 months and working with a limited budget for a  Neighbourhood Supermarket

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We’re not your average advisory firm for three reasons:

  1. Our Focus:  We’re not only interested in delivering a well-designed document neither are we interested in taking over your business – we want to work with you to rewrite your growth story.
  2. Our Approach: Our approach is hands-on and engaging to ensure we find solutions
  3. Our Results: Well, our results speak for themselves.  Real clients with real issues and real results over time

Over 60% achievement of set growth goals for an entertainment platform in 6 months where there had previously been little or no activity in 12 months for CliqMi Entertainment Platform

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How Pay as You Grow Works:

Your investment is broken into two broad categories:

  1. Minimal commitment fee payable on commencement of the project; and
  2. Milestone fee payable on achievement of agreed milestone. Performance based fee options can also be discussed

Our proven system works and it comes with access to other related services including fund raising, recruitment and so much more.

45% growth in revenue within 6 months and working with a limited budget for a  Neighbourhood Supermarket in Lekki

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