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Life is short, drink good tea!

Sip into relaxation with a cup of Melvins tea. A cup of tea a day keeps the stress away.


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About Melvis Tea

Before Melvins, the world of tea looked very different

Our Story

Melvin’s Teas was founded over 20 years ago with one goal, to provide delicious, flavoured, high quality teas that are delicious and refreshing for our customers.

We think it’s important to share with you the steps we take to ensure that our teas are of the highest quality…

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Explore the world of tea

Tea companies are finding alternative ways to sweeten tea as it is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world – and yet there’s still a lot of mystery and wonder about it.

Tea is on the rise just as consumers are becoming better educated at improving their palates. For example, did you know that green, black and white tea all come from the same plant?

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